A Christmas 2018 communications campaign

This is designed to show your understanding of how theoretical communication models are used in practice. Please note you MUST NOT choose the John Lewis campaign.

Please select a Christmas 2018 communications campaign of your choice and analyze (ie don’t just describe it) it in terms of : ¬¬¬¬¬ • intended audience – please use demographics and either social class or life stage or the new BBC research as your analytical models • message – please use the rational, emotional and endorser themes as your framework here • channel – please use a combination of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media – clearly label which is which. • key themes – using the DRIP and AIDA models, assess the use of rhetoric, language, and other communication materials such as logo’s, signs, photos

• Does the campaign work across all the media platforms you have selected?

• How you would recommend the campaign could be improved/built on to attract new audiences in the future? Guidelines Please note that you need to outline the rationale behind your assumptions, and link this back to theory as much as possible, rather than just stating them.

• You should use sub-headings within your answer and write in the active (rather than the academic passive) voice.

• You may use a non-UK/English language campaign, but this needs to be translated into English, please.

• Screenshots of material are necessary as part of your submission but are not part of your word count please make sure you follow the rules re minimizing the size of these before uploading.

• You must include a word count in your work; the word count for this task is 1500 words (so your total, excluding the bibliography, must be somewhere between 1425 and 1575 words) and all quotations and statistics must be correctly referenced.

• You should include an additional 300 words in a separate appendix which can contain organization background and which is the only material that you are allowed to take directly from the organization’s website

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