The introduction should identify the central ideas in your argument.

Regulatory indicators are used increasingly by transnational agencies, such as the World Bank, and domes

tic governments to control a wide range of behaviour. Using the World Bank Doing Business Report (or another global business indicator) illustrate how metrics regulate business behaviour. Your paper should discuss how indicators rank countries and identify the assumptions underlying the indicators. Do the indicators measure the actual business practices in the countries survey? Is there evidence showing how countries in Asia have changed their business laws to increase their ranking? Use case studies to illustrate your answer where appropriate.


The introduction should identify the central ideas in your argument.

Use a mind map or other visual display to draw connections between the central ideas.

Introductory passages should identify (without describing in detail) the key ideas. The detailed discussion takes place in the body of the answer.  The evidence used to support the main argument can either be arranged conceptually or in narrative form. The conclusion is not just a summary it should answer questions raised in the introduction. 

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