Leadership-methodological analysis of Khatun’s

You will conduct a methodological analysis of Khatun’s ( 2013) article, Answer each question completely. Number your responses, and include the question. Format your responses after the following examples: Your document should have one-inch margins, page numbers in the upper righthand corner of each page, and a serif font. Questions 1. What is the purpose of the research efforts summarized in this article? Response 2. What is the purpose of the research efforts summarized in this article? 3. What are the purpose and function of the discussion of Kolb’s learning modes and style in this study? 4. What research design is employed in this research article? What is the major disadvantage(s) of this design? 5. What are the independent variables of the study? What are the dependent variables? How was each variable measured? 6. Describe the sample. Is it “good” or “poor,” and why? Why are participants randomly assigned to Instructional Style treatment groups? 7. List the study’s hypotheses. What is unique about the way these authors present their hypotheses? 8. Draw a factorial design of the relationships tested by Hypothesis 4. 9. What is the purpose of generating Cronbach’s alpha (p. 37)? 10. The authors conduct a “paired t-test” to determine if there was a difference in knowledge from the pre-test to the post-tests. Why do they choose this test? 11. Is there a significant interaction of method and style on learning performance, as predicted by H4? Explain. 12. Which Instructional Style group performed the worst? Explain. 13. Which Learning Style group performed the best? Were there significant differences between all of the groups? Explain. 14. Judging from the study design, sampling procedures, and data analysis, how could the authors’ ontological, epistemological, and axiological stances be summarized, and how do you determine that? 15. As you complete your assessment of this article, notice that the practice articles and this final article all deal with the same general topic, which might be characterized as, “building a strong employee base.” If you were to synthesize the findings from these three articles, what conclusions could you draw that would be helpful for management? That is, considered in total (not one article at a time), what might be the implications be for an organization’s success? Construct a comparative table, then write an accompanying comparative narrative. References Khatun, R. (2013). A study of the relationship between instructional methods and learning styles in learning leadership skills. International Journal on Leadership, 1(2), 31 – 44.

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