understanding of theories and practices of operations management

Please answer the following question; You have been made the operations manager for a ready meal manufacturer supplying a supermarket and making sandwiches on a daily basis. Typically, the supermarket will require 400 sandwiches on a daily basis Monday-Friday, and 200 on weekends. Using the 4 Vs (volume, variety, demand variation and visibility), outline which process type you would use in the operation. Describe what assembly layout you would use for this operation, describing the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen operation layout. In order to meet the learning outcomes of the assessment, students will be expected to demonstrate an informed (and well-referenced) understanding of theories and practices of operations management covered. The coursework must be word-processed using a standard font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) in 12 point. It should be 1500 words in length. It also needs to contain full in-text referencing and a reference list. Please note the 1500 words includes quotations and citations in the main body of the text but excludes the list of References or appendices at the end of the piece of work. NB Work that fails to abide by any of the above requirements is likely to obtain a poorer mark. This will constitute 40% of the assessment for this course

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