Courthouse Security Incident

In this final unit, we wrap up what we have learned by doing a brief analysis of a courthouse security-related incident. This assignment willprovide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of thematerial presented by creating a PowerPoint presentation.

You will research and identify an incident that occurred at a United Statescourthouse within the past 10 years. You will produce a brief overview andanalysis of the incident as if you were providing this information to the staffof another courthouse. Your presentation should include, but not be limitedto, a discussion of the physical layout of the courthouse, the tactics andgoals of the perpetrator(s), specific security considerations, and the finaloutcome.

Analyze what went right and what went wrong. The completed PowerPoint presentation should be at least nine slides inlength. You should utilize at least two references in addition to the coursetextbook and supporting material. Be sure to provide in-text citations and areference slide with proper APA formatting. You may include diagrams andphotos but these should not be included in the total slide count. The coverand reference slides do not contribute to the slide count. You should usethe slide notes function to explain slide content as necessary.

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