Arab spring in libya and algeria

Description Title: What are the reasons for different outcomes between Libya and Algeria during the Arab Spring? Thesis: the sequence of revolutions in some Arabic countries known as the Arabic spring results in a divergent outcome between Libya and Algeria despite the similarity in demographic, ethnic, natural resources and ideology. This paper will try unconceived the causes that led to this divergent outcome. Introduction (1500 words) Literature review (1500 words) 1. Chapter1: North Africa history from independence to 2011 (2000 words) a. a. Independence & political Systems (400) b. power succession in each countries (200) c. What are the military roles in power succession (400) d. Civil War in Algeria and Libya fighting the world (800) e. Algeria pre Arabic spring riots (200) 2. Chapter2: Arab spring 2011 and sequence of events (2000 words) a. Arab spring riots in Tunisia and Egypt (500) b. Arab spring in Algeria (500) c. Arab spring in Libya (1000) 3. Chapter3: What are the reasons for different outcomes between Libya and Algeria during the Arab Spring (5-6000 words) a. Comparison between Algeria and Libya a. Framework (2000) a. Internal factors a. Weak State Economies b. Social injustice c. States demography d. Unemployment rates e. Regimes Attitude towards riots f. Regimes Military Relationship b. External Factors a. NATO+ Intervention b. Comparation methods (2000) c. So What? (2000) b. Framework will be a comparison in the political system, and the relationship with the military, the economic situation with relatively high oil prices, and it’s effects on the prosperity, the age group in the populations and employment rate and population attitude with the military 5. Conclusion (1500 words)

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