610 6-2 Understanding Group Formation Dynamics to Manage and Resolve

First, review your work from the small group discussion in Module Four, including your group’s final SIPOC diagram, and consider the relationships between and among the individuals involved—the suppliers and the customers. Also, be sure to read Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Understanding the Stages of Team Formation, https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newLDR_86.htm Which describes Tuckman’s theory of the stages of group development, formation, work, and cessation. Next, evaluate your selected final project case study in order to deconstruct it into each of Tuckman’s stages, which will enable you to make the Improve recommendations for your case study’s organization. Create your own Tuckman’s model using the PowerPoint SmartArt graphics tool and post it to the small group discussion. Address the following in your initial post:

• How does Tuckman’s theory of the five stages of group development help you to understand your selected case study?

• How can you apply each piece of the group development process to your case study? • How can an effective team building process help to prevent issues from occurring with a dysfunctional team? • What do you see as being your greatest challenge to applying Tuckman’s theory of group development to your selected case study as well as to your organization’s specific conflict? Be sure to reference the Module Four small group discussion in order to review your thinking about SIPOC, particularly about the suppliers and customers.

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