Split Brain and its Effect on Perception

You should write this paper as if you were writing to someone who has never heard of the topic so use information from the article to explain your topic. You also need to give a summary of the article to use for furthering your point about the topic. The summary of the article should include the article’s purpose, hypotheses, independent and dependent variables (if experimental; if correlational, describe predictor and criterion variables), important results, strengths, limitations, and conclusions. For example, start your paper briefly explaining the topic in general.  explain what Split brain is, how it affects perception and other specifics.  discuss the brain areas associated with Split brain, give examples of people with split brain, etc. Then incorporate your article by saying something like “(author name) ran an experiment examining the effect of split brain on perception and consciousness.” Then discuss the article. Need Citations in the paper and the Reference page as well. Margins should be 1” and in APA format.

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