Nikola Tesla

The Innovator Paper is to be written as a narrative which each student will create based on the ideas and information gathered from doing their research. The research materials will be comprised of original documents, works, secondary, and tertiary sources. Additional materials to explore are published collection of original documents, diaries, and memoirs; and secondary sources, such as newspaper articles, scholarly articles, and/or books that others have written which contain information concerning the Innovator you choose to examine. For this short paper you will do research on the Innovator you choose, analyze the data and create a brief paper in which you explain why the historical person you chose deserves to be considered an Innovator. Your choice of “Innovator can be either one who made positive or negative innovations in history. Your short paper will contain the information found in many different sources, which serve as the support and proof of the status of “Innovator” that you bestow on this person. Selecting a Major Contributor In selecting original documents, treaties, collective security agreements, and/or doctrines to analyze and to use to create your short paper, be sure you it is within the time period of this course. Look through web links provided in our text, and learning modules, as well as other resource. Selecting Sources Once you select your Innovator, find at least three sources you can use to do your analysis and write your short paper. Select sources that are directly related to your choice of Innovator. You can consult the textbook, encyclopedias (printed, software [Encarta, for example], on-line [for example, Wikipedia], and general histories to learn more about your issue. Try to use a good mixture (50%-50%) of printed sources (books and articles) and internet sites. You must use a minimum of three sources (references).

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