Complete article summaries for TWO of your journal articles using the template below. Article Summary Categories Article Information Author(s) Year Article Title Research Question/ Hypothesis What are they studying? What do they expect to find? How does this study add to the literature? What the research tried to do and how What methods did they use? What kind of data did they collect? Who did they study? Major findings What evidence did they find? Include specifics and page numbers for data! Main themes What general themes does this article cover (causes, explanations, differential impact, consequences, practice/policy implications, etc. Limitations Any limitations about the study or evidence produced. Areas for future research (i.e. what do we still not know) Glueck, S. (2013). Family Environment and Delinquency. doi:10.4324/9781315007281 Ljubicic, M. (2012). Family and delinquency: Textbooks analysis of family influence on the juvenile delinquency. Socioloski pregled, 46(3), 417-440. doi:10.5937/socpreg1203417l Lyngstad, T. H., & Skardhamar, T. (2016). Family formation and crime: What role for the family network? Advances in Life Course Research, 28, 41-51. doi:10.1016/j.alcr.2015.09.007


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