Authentic reading text and plan a lesson around it for learners.

Rubric for Assignment 3:

Language skills related tasks For this assignment, choose an authentic reading text to practise and develop your learners’ reading skills. Choose a text which is suitable for one of your teaching practice classes. Design a receptive skills lesson and describe the procedure of your lesson in prose, including the following information: 1. Say why you have chosen the text, comment on its suitability for use in the classroom and say which level you would use it with. Submit a sourced copy of the text with your assignment. 2. Design a lead-in, saying how you would raise your learners’ interest in the topic of the text.

3. Design an initial reading task and state which sub-skill(s) it practises. Include the task (with answers) on a separate handout. 4. Design a second reading task and state which sub-skill(s) it practises. Include the task (with answers) on a separate handout. 5. Design one or two productive skills follow-up tasks (speaking or writing) which capitalise on the interest generated by the text. Include the task(s) with your assignment. 6. Provide a rationale for doing each stage and task. Reference at least one methodology text to support your ideas.

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