Columbus Outline

For this assignment please do all of the following in this order. Write down a few sentences describing what you know about Christopher Columbus. “Please do this before you watch the video.” Watch the video (only 3 minutes long). Create an outline of the video and title it Columbus Part # 1 Read the article (sorry a few mean words). Create an outline of the article and title it Columbus Part # 2 Think about the points of the information you have acquired and synthesize that information.( VIDEO AND ARTICLE) Develop a thesis statement.( FOR BOTH OF THEM) Create an outline for an essay based on what you read, (ARTICLE NOT VIDEO IN THIS CASE)(The outline should be detailed enough that I may tell what you would write about.) Remember this should not be a summary of each article. It is a synthesizing essay. We are not writing an essay but just the outline. ( synthesizing essay outline) (very detailed please) SOURCE VIDEO SECOND SOURCE (ARTICLE)

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