Horror Film (popular) before the year 1968

Description  select a “classic” horror film  one of your own choosing. A “Classic” Horror film is any produced and released before 1968, which was the year when the genre experienced a resurgence and became similar to the ones we see today.   Once you have decided upon your film, analyze the film according to either of the following questions: 1. Given the unique effects and themes of the horror genre, film critics, fans and scholars have often interpreted the films by employing a psychological perspective. Considering a horror film in this manner involves exploring the psychology of the main characters, their needs, wants and desires and, perhaps most importantly, their pathologies. Explore the psychological elements of your chosen film. What dark desires are expressed by the characters and what are their pathologies? How do they deviate from the ‘norms’ of behavior? What psychological issues are embodied by the monster? How does the film — the monster, the characters and the story — effect the audience (apart from scaring us) in terms of an individual’s fears? 2. In analyzing the films we have seen to this point, we have situated them within the boundaries of American history and culture. Thus, while horror films are frequently dismissed as mindless entertainment with little interesting in the way of content or meaning, we have seen how closer inspection reveals horror movies to have a great deal to say about American society. Consider the cultural messages of a horror film that a mere summary of the plot might not reveal. What are the social and political dimensions of the film? What threat does the monster pose, or symbolize? What does the film suggest about its time period and how does it reflect society’s pressing fears when it was released? How and why did it resonate with audiences at the time of its release? Please support your opinions with specific examples from the film. You may compare and contrast two movies (but no more than two) if you would like, as long as you present a rationale for doing so. Please do not do any additional research, except where considering the production history of the film if you feel it is relevant to your analysis. In addition, one must refer to at least one assigned reading, and utilize it to support your views. Internet sources are not acceptable for usage unless they are from academic journals or institutions.

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