Assimilation or acculturation of Latin immigrants

 Assimilation and acculturation are terms that refer to the process that occurs when two cultures come into contact. Assimilation means that an immigrant absorbs mainstream culture and loses her own and can no longer be labeled “different.” When an immigrant retains his customs but incorporates certain aspects of the new country’s mainstream culture, he has “acculturated.” In this case, he would still identify with his country of origin. To live and function successfully in the United States, should recent immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America acculturate or assimilate? Choose a clear position and explain why you hold that view using three distinct and compelling arguments. -Use research or critical reflection – Cite sources or textual references to substantiate your opinion – Include adequate support/citation from at least two sources – Do not include a cover page – Follow MLA guidelines: 12 pt. size, Times New Roman, double-spaced throughout, include a heading – Recognize possible ethical questions related to the topic or problem – Provide examples or situations to exemplify the issue – Provide any conclusion you have made based on your knowledge, resources and personal experience. (Please choose acculturation)

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