Health and nutrition claims law in EU

Nutrition and Health Claims

Critically evaluate the current nutrition and health claims (NHC) policy within the EU. Write a briefing document (POSTnote) to Members of Parliament, informing them on the current EU NHC regulation. The briefing document should include information on the historical background to NHC, the regulation, types of claims, the process of submitting an application and the evaluation of evidence.

General Points Regarding the ‘POSTnote’ A ‘POSTnote’ is a document generated by the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (POST) that is used to brief Members of Parliament (MPs) on current topics of interest. POSTnotes must be up-to-date, informative and accessible (understandable). It must also be balanced – i.e., you don’t let your own views inform the piece, you must only present the facts. 

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