Based on this week’s reading and learning please answer the

Based on this week’s reading and learning please answer the following.

  1. Give an example of a scenario where you experienced confrontation at work and apply the CARE model to address the concerns.  Please do not use names or locations.
  2. Give a brief description of the group you work with or were part of( no names/initials only.  Identify three essential conditions (as described in the text) that impacted the effectiveness of the group. 
  3. Then identify/ describe the four stages of group development as it pertained  to the group mentioned in question
  4. Describe structural racism’s origins and effects on health care disparity and include observations on the effects of cultural racism during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Include in your discussion:    a . How the Covid-19 Pandemic highlight structural racism in health care.  b.  Describe methods of intra/interprofessional communication and collaboration to prevent structural racism and bias to improve interactions and eliminate health care disparities.
  5.  Describe what information in the readings or video about structural racism surprised you or was new information and how it will impact your practice and include a supporting citation.

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