· Potential Solutions and Impacts o Analyze the efforts being


· Potential Solutions and Impacts 

o Analyze the efforts being made by those in the profession to resolve the dilemma (rules, standards, codes of conduct, laws, etc.). Consider the likely impacts of various solutions. What are the outcomes of each solution? Who (e.g., stakeholders) will the solution affect? How will each solution harm or help people? Explain any totally unacceptable solutions. This section should be at least one page.

· Decision 

o Make a decision about what should be done. State your decision clearly, including why it is best. Justify it and defend it against criticism. How will you carry it out? Who will object to the decision? What are the weaknesses of the decision? How will you defend the decision? Explain how you would solve the problem and whether your solution is ethical and legal. This section should be at least two pages.

o The decision will be combined with all of the previous weeks’ assignments into one final paper.  Use section headings to show where each section begins and ends.

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